Young Artist Valerie Teng Holds First Solo Show at ARTablado

Emerging Filipina artist Valerie Teng and some of her artworks.

Pursuing arts in the Philippines is not always easy. There are bills to pay, things to buy, and other matters that require having a 9-to-6 job to make ends meet. But some people take a chance with their passion. Take for example, Valerie Teng, who quit her day job to focus on her passion for painting. And now, the emerging Filipina artist is having her first solo show at Robinsons Land’s ARTablado at Robinsons Galleria. Her exhibit titled “Secret Garden: An Inspirational Walk-Through” runs from June 16 to 30. 

ARTablado, which is a portmanteau of “art” and “entablado” is part of Robinsons Land’s efforts to showcase Philippine art and bring Filipino artists to the center stage. It especially looks at lesser-known but equally talented creatives, who are just waiting for an opportunity to break into the Philippine art scene. This is true for a young artist like Teng, an ARTablado discovery. 

A graduate of Fine Arts with a major in Advertising from The College of the Holy Spirit, Teng knew that art is always there in her life journey. She grew up in a household of talented family members, who always encourage her creativity. Her journey in the arts serves as inspiration in her canvases, which are described to be whimsical, light, and dreamlike. 

Teng’s upcoming exhibit, “Secret Garden,” celebrates this art journey through depictions of nature. For the artist, art is a form of escape; and what better way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life than by escaping to the peace and tranquility of nature. This emotion is depicted through simple and clean lines matched with soft and soothing palettes in her canvases. 

Aside from calmness, Teng also tries to evoke beauty, strength, and vulnerability in the textures of her pieces. She is aware that every journey is a complex mix of emotions, some are visible while others are only felt in the undertones. This is compared to a secret garden, which has various stories to tell: from its obvious beauty to a rich history hidden in its recesses. 

“Secret Garden: An Inspirational Walk-Through” runs from June 16 to 30 at ARTablado, Level 3, Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Center, Quezon City. 

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