Wash new clothes before wearing them

            While it is exciting to wear new clothing items as soon as you get them, Sandra Roussy, writing for the web site Sixty and Me, suggests washing the pieces before putting them on for the first time.

          Roussy offers a few reasons why washing new garment before putting it in contact with your skin is a good idea.

           Excess dyes: One of the most common reasons to wash new items is because residual and extra dyes on the garments can transfer to your skin and may trigger  allergic contact dermatitis.

           Allergy can cause a rash that can last for several days or even weeks. This skin reaction can happen out of the blue even if you have worn unwashed new clothing items in the past. Synthetic fabrics, like polyester and nylon, are fabrics that seem to harbor the most excess dyes.

             Roussy says, as people get older, the skin tends to thin and become more sensitive. They may react more easily to irritants now more than ever.

              Chemicals and fabric treatments: Chemicals used in producing fabrics and manufacturing garments can irritate the skin and may even be harmful to health. Fabric treatments and finishes, like anti-wrinkles for example, can irritate sensitive skin.

                Not as new as you think: There is a chance that the item has been tried on in the store before you bought it. It may have even been bought, worn, and returned. Many hands have also touched the item before you got it.

                People carry bacteria, fungi, even insects, on their bodies (even you). Although chances are low, you may increase your risk of contracting an infection from a garment.

             Read the care label on the garment and wash according to the instructions and have peace of mind.

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