UP Fine Arts students this September in Robinsons Galleria

Naturalism has been described as praising the external appearance of nature with divine and/or mathematical interpretation—it can be argued that nothing is by accident. 

In YUPIDI, the latest exhibition of ARTABLADO at Robinsons Galleria, eight young artists traverse that meaning and explore beauty in its different forms. Their works aim to pay homage to history while synthesizing the naturalist approach using modern ways to realize new forms that are fresh and unbounded for the visual pleasure of its viewers. 

The group started in 2019 when the artists were still in their freshman year at the University of the Philippines Diliman. Under the guidance of their professors, they have grown close together and became familiar with each other’s practices and creative challenges, pushing one another to become better practitioner of the arts. The exhibit is a testament of their time together not only as artists but also as good friends.

Jadie Pasaylo has always sought the line between the excessive and the minimal. Pasaylo values energy and reflexivity in his approach to art, a reflection of his philosophy in life. He desires that in the minimal encounters his paintings offer, one might find that even the smallest voices, like him, can be too loud to contain. 

The majority of Cherdee Millen Palmera paintings are self-portraits, an expression of how she sees her surroundings. Her exploration of colors and lights, highlighted by rich tones, give her paintings a strong presence. 

Ma. Eliza Torres works primarily with acrylic and mixed media, with her art commonly expressing her personal life and experiences. Torres finds great inspiration from nature, fantasies, and human emotions and intends to delve into her inner world and share it with others in hopes of making a connection in better understanding the self. 

Raphael Cruz’s formal training began when he was a senior high school student at an arts & design school in Angono, Rizal becoming proficient in graphite, pastels, and oils. His works usually fall in the conventional genres of portrait, landscape, and still life paintings but is currently experimenting with surreal imagery. 

Jairus Dianzon’s will intensely paint a dramatic seascape in oil or a simple daily scene in watercolor.  His passion is not directed in finding his style, but in pursuing whatever interest he currently holds. His inspirations are the sea and the pier in his province. 

Lucas Viriña continuously explores a more impressionistic style of painting, making use of expressive, loose brushwork, a departure from his previous practices. When it comes to still life, scenes of the mundane are what intrigue Lucas. He aims to convey the subtle stories that common household items seem to want to tell when they get left behind on their own. 

Leo Kim C. Jacinto is a freelance digital illustrator and has recently delved into the world of concept design. He also works with watercolor and acrylic paints and he loves painting pop culture and fantasy art from movies, games, and books. 

In order to find deep meaning of art, Jose Pamatian Jr. continues to develop his skills and knowledge as an artist. His colorful works often show the various aspects of Filipino life. 

YUPIDI by ARTABLADO is on exhibit from September till 15, 2022 at the 3rd Level of Robinsons Galleria. Robinsons ARTablado continues to support Filipino art by providing a second home for artists where they can showcase their creativity and artistic genius.

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