TV5’s ‘E.A.T.’ poised to lead TV noontime show

This early, “E.A.T.” in TV5 looms large as the new noontime show leader going by the sizes of live audiences in various locations and television viewers during the pilot telecast  on July 1.

    An Internet post late Sunday afternoon said peak live viewers on TV5  and TVJ Facebook and YouTube hit 500,000 while  total views on TV5 and TVJ Facebook and YouTube reached 10 million.

    Tito Sotto, who acts as manager of TVJ, said E.A.T. meant “Eto ang Tunay”, although others said it could also be “Eto ang Tahanan” or “Everyday Altogether”, among other things.

    TVJ stands for Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon.

    More than 20 big and well-known firms sponsored the three-hour show, which aired from 11:30 a.m. to the delight and uproarious laughter of live audiences and TV viewers.

     A report said advertisers of the new “Eat Bulaga” of TAPE (Television and Production Exponents, Inc.) on GMA 7 asked for a refund for advertisements not yet aired as they transferred their sponsorship to E.A.T.

   Sponsors of “Batang Quiapo” on TV5 also reportedly shifted advertising money to E.A.T.

    The joy and laughter during the pilot telecast elicited by the humorous antics and harmless jokes, with dancing lights on stage as backdrop, brought back memories of similar successful shows of the iconic trio in the old “Eat Bulaga”, which had transferred from one studio to another since it debuted on RPN 9 in July 1979.

     In the few days before E.A.T.’s initial telecast, there was widespread curiosity and  speculation among the dabarkads (from barkada or gang) on what the pilot telecast  would be like. More humorous-minded people of a certain age were reminded of an old favorite during their childhood days, “Que Sera Sera” or “Whatever Will Be, Will Be”, a major hit for Hollywood actress and singer Doris Day.

    The song says that the future is up in the air and whatever is going to happen will happen.

    Then came the D-Day, as esteemed and fellow retired journalist Ma. Rosa S. Ocampo called it. Well-known news anchors Gretchen Ho and KaladKaren (Jervi Li) and another colleague showed up at TV5’s imposing building in front of which was a big red object shaped like a ball on which were written in huge letters “TV5 Home of TVJ”.

     Excited by the hype regarding TVJ’s pilot telecast, fans were at the edge of their seats in their homes, their eyes glued to the TV sets.

   Fifty-seven-year-old Lyn Hernandez Dumlao, who is working in a construction firm in Pasig, BC Building and Woodworks, could not  be disturbed.

    “Inaabangan talaga ng marami ang pagbabalik nina Tito, Vic and Joey,” she said.

   (Many are waiting for the return of Tito, Vic and Joey.)

    “I’m also following the iconic trio’s program,” said Jessica Camua-Esguerra, who works at the Quezon City Hall.

    Fans lined up two to three people deep near TV5’s entrance, patiently waiting for big stars to arrive.

    Excited noise rose from the crowd  as cars, as well as trucks and a van, arrived.  The trucks unloaded boxes containing the hosts’ clothes  and other  things they needed for the show.

    From the van, the hosts, except for TVJ, got off.

     The show started with the usual song and dance production numbers featuring the hosts.

    Carren and Allan K. sang. Ryan, Ryzza and Maine danced.

    JoWaPao (Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and Paolo Ballesteros) went on stage to sing 6CycleMind’s “Sandalan”.

    The long wait for the iconic trio ended right after a short video introduction where TVJ were seen inside a gleaming black Mercedes-Benz SUV driven by Tito.

    As TVJ entered the halls, they became teary-eyed, as they saw their faces plastered on the walls, and hugged each other.

    With TVJ flashing on the screen behind them, the trio took center stage and sang VST & Company’s “Ikaw ang Aking Mahal”, the lyrics tweaked to include the words “Hilaga, Silangan at Kanluran”.

    Megastar Sharon Cuneta, niece of Tito’s wife Helen Gamboa, graced the show.

    Also present during the occasion was Vic’s wife Paulene Luna, reportedly pregnant with their second child; Eileen Macapagal, Joey’s wife; and Vic’s children Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto, his son with Coney Reyes; and Oyo Boy Sotto and his wife Kristine Hermosa.

    Oyo Boy is Vic’s second child with ex-wife Dina Bonnevie. Vic and Dina have an elder daughter Danica, who is married to professional basketball player Marc Pingris.

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