Thumbs up, thumbs down 

I have always liked @Cafe Summit’s (Greenhills, San Juan City) Whole Roasted Chicken with Fresh Rosemary and  decided   I wanted it to celebrate Easter Sunday.

Expecting the restaurant to be quite busy on Easter, I thought I would order it through @Grab Food on the evening of Holy Saturday so I can have it for lunch on Sunday.  

I made the order around 4 p.m. and the Grab app said I could expect it between 5 and 5:30 p.m. – I live in Malate. 

As I was monitoring my order, I noticed that delivery would be later than originally scheduled. Since I was planning to eat the dish the following day, it did not bother me too much. After a while, I noticed my phone was not notifying me about updates on my order from the Grab app. 

Then a message came telling me it had been cancelled. It did not say if it was the restaurant or Grab that cancelled the order. It certainly was not me! 

I would not have known what happened if Cafe Summit did not call. They explained there was some problem in their kitchen and it took longer to prepare my order. However, the Grab delivery person could not wait and cancelled the order unilaterally.

If the restaurant did not call, I would be wondering forever what happened. The Grab app offered no explanation. Their help center is useless. Has anybody tried using it? Has it been useful or helpful to anyone? 

They have a list of reasons why a customer would need assistance but it did not include  a situation similar to mine – the delivery person decided by himself to cancel the order. Then they asked me to submit my specific complaint but, in response, I got a message thanking me for letting them know about the problem and that they would try to improve their service because of my report. 

There was no acknowledgment of the issue at hand or what they planned to do about it. Will they address my specific problem? Will they act on it? Will I get an explanation on what happened?  

Is there no real person at Grab to complain to? Have they all been replaced by robots and computers? Are we supposed to be satisfied by simply choosing from multiple answers that do not really resolve the issue?  

I use Grab almost exclusively for transport, delivery and food orders. I have gotten so used to the app that I even help friends book deliveries and food orders.  

Does Grab feel it does not have to do better because there is very little competition?  

Fortunately, Cafe Summit saved the day or, more accurately, the evening after the Grab person took a French leave. Paul from the restaurant called to say they would just arrange for my order to be delivered since they could not prevail upon the Grab delivery person to wait a while longer even after they explained the kitchen problem. 

My food was delivered with all the side dishes – mashed potato and french beans and carrots – and the mushroom gravy. 

Now that is service! 

Thumbs up for Cafe Summit and thumbs down for Grab. 

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