TERTULIA AT SINING Celebrates Frank G. Rivera’s 76th Birthday and 19th Leap Year Natal Day

The Philippine LEAF Awards organization proudly commemorated a significant milestone in the life of its founder, Frank G. Rivera, with a remarkable event titled “TERTULIA AT SINING.”

Held on February 29, 2024, at the historic Manila Clock Tower Museum, the celebration marked Rivera’s 76th birthday and 19th leap year natal day.

TERTULIA AT SINING gathered luminaries in Philippine Culture and Arts for an afternoon of poetry, music, and theater, all dedicated to honoring Rivera’s life, achievements, and literary contributions.

The event resonated with heartfelt tributes, toasts, and roasts from Rivera’s closest long-time friends, painting a vivid picture of his extraordinary journey.
Highlights of the celebration included a captivating musical-dramatic performance by Cecile Guidote Alvarez, President of the International Theater Institute – Philippine Center and Director of the UNESCO Dream Center.

Esteemed figures such as Theater Luminary Dr. Anton Juan and respected film director Joel Lamangan delivered touching tributes, adding depth and emotion to the occasion.

Musical performances by Meldrig Costuna, Dang Elio, Nazer Salcedo of TRIBU, LEAF President CJ Andaluz, Filipino actor and visual artist Jao Mapa, and Manila Clock Tower Museum Resident Artists Aaron and Faye Carandang, among others, further elevated the program.

Each performance was carefully curated from Rivera’s playlist of favorite songs or his collection of original musicals, creating an immersive experience for the audience.

An excerpt from Rivera’s acclaimed work, “Tao: Isang Tagulaylay,” featuring the 7 Deadly Sins, added a layer of brilliance and excitement to the afternoon. The monologues, performed by Kevin Cardona (Pride), Lian Renz Silverio (Greed), Vladimir Manio (Anger), Lexter Tarriela (Sloth), Kristel Lagonaso (Gluttony), Marce Giron (Lust), and Krista Ann Taclan-Fuchs (Envy), provoked thought and imagination, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

The event concluded with Rivera sharing heartwarming stories from his life journey, including his battles and triumphs over cancer and his unwavering dedication to promoting culture and arts for nation-building. He imparted a profound message on the essence of creating art, emphasizing three key elements: Puso (Love and dedication), Pusod (Anchoring art in history and truth), and Puson (Unstoppable passion and lust for life).

In closing, TERTULIA AT SINING was a testament to Rivera’s profound impact on Philippine Culture and Arts. The overflowing love and passion he has poured into his life’s work were reciprocated by the outpouring of love from those whose lives he has influenced, inspired, and touched.

The event was made possible through the support of the City of Manila through the Department of Tourism, Culture, and Arts of Manila and the Manila Clock Tower Museum.

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