Seniors complain about Grab

It seems that it is not just booking a ride with @Grab that has become difficult.

Even using their mobile application seems to present a challenge to those who are not technology savvy, particularly senior citizens.

In a recent Facebook exchange, a would-be Grab client complained how difficult it was to register for the 20 percent senior citizen discount. “I tried to apply for the senior transport discount (but) there were so many obstacles. I have sent my online application three times without success.”

The frustrated applicant said the process was as  difficult  as getting the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19)  ayuda (assistance) from the government.

Another senior complained that she could no longer avail of her discount from Grab for reasons unknown.  “I used to be able to apply for the 20 percent senior discount on car rides. . . But lately, . . . a text message literally blocks my attempts to avail of the discount.”

The Grab client wonders if the worsening service is due to lack of  competition now that Uber is gone.

I encouraged both seniors to send their complaints to Grab, especially if a driver accepts your booking, then cancels. Some drivers would even ask me to make the cancellation. From personal experience, Grab is quick to respond to complaints.

Plastic exchange

Nanette Medved Po has started a project that I hope local governments, even national agencies,  will support and promote. Po, through PCX, initiated the program Aling Tindera.

Under the campaign, the ubiquitous sari-sari store becomes a  collection point for plastic waste to make it easy for people to get rid of this trash that is  clogging the streets and causing floods and killing marine life when they get to bodies of water.

As Po explained, they bring a shipping container near a participating store for the surrendered waste. The collected waste is “bought” from the sari-sari store when the container is retrieved on regular schedules.

Although the project is obviously a winner, rollout has been slow. There are only about 100 stores participating in the program right now. Many local officials are uninterested and finding a strategic location for the shipping container is not easy.

Of  course, if local officials give it the priority attention it deserves, many logistical problems will be resolved.

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