Rosan Cruz: A Journey from Corporate Success to Healing and Transformation

In the realm of holistic healing, Rosan Cruz stands out as a remarkable individual who has not only achieved success in the corporate world but has also dedicated her life to helping others unlock their true potential.

With a career spanning over two decades as a highly accomplished Corporate Communications executive, Rosan brings a unique perspective to personal growth and development.

In 2015, Rosan decided to pursue a higher calling and embrace her passion for serving others. Stepping away from the corporate grind, she embarked on a new path as a wellness practitioner, delving into various healing modalities.

As a testament to her commitment to holistic transformation, Rosan holds certifications as a Kundalini Yoga (Level 2), Vinyasa, Yin, and Hot Yoga teacher. Through the ancient practice of yoga, she empowers individuals to tap into their inner strength and find balance in mind, body, and spirit.

Beyond her expertise in yoga, Rosan is a proficient ThetaHealing® practitioner and instructor, a skilled Gong Master, a Space Clearer, and a certified Life Coach. By incorporating these modalities into her repertoire, she creates a comprehensive approach to healing and personal development.

One of Rosan’s greatest strengths is her deep understanding of the challenges that people face in their personal and professional lives. Having thrived in the dynamic world of Corporate Communications, she possesses an innate ability to empathize with individuals’ struggles and guide them toward overcoming obstacles.

Passionate about helping people live their best lives, Rosan’s advocacy revolves around the belief that everyone has the potential for happiness, health, and success. Combining her diverse skill set and wealth of experience, she aims to empower individuals to embrace personal growth, unlock their true potential, and lead fulfilling lives.

For those seeking a transformative journey, Rosan Cruz offers her guidance and expertise. Her teachings encompass yoga, theta and sound healing, and personal development techniques that inspire positive and lasting change. If you are ready to embark on a path towards greater happiness, health, and success, don’t miss the opportunity to learn from this incredible teacher.

To learn more about Rosan Cruz and her transformative approach, visit her website at or get in touch via WhatsApp at 0918 888-9198. Take the first step toward a life of holistic well-being under the guidance of this exceptional healer and coach.

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