Robinsons Offices launches eco-friendly shuttle service

RLC and GET Philippines, Inc., solidify their commitment in sustainability. (L-R) Mr. JP Balboa (VP Corporate Lease, Robinsons Offices), Mr. LA Montes (Sr. Development Director, Robinsons Industrial and Integrated Developments), Mr. Myron Yao (Regional Operations Manager, Robinsons Malls), Mr. Jericho P. Go (SVP and General Manager, Robinsons Offices), Mr. Frankie Endriga (COO, GET Philippines, Inc.), Atty. Severino Sumulong (Director of Legal Services, GET Philippines, Inc.), Ms. Sheera Vizcarra (Sr. Sales Executive and Business Development, GET Philippines, Inc.)

Robinsons Offices, in partnership with Global Electric Transport (GET), has introduced an electric transport service to enhance accessibility to Bridgetowne Destination Estate. This premier estate is located between Quezon City and Pasig City, offering multiple access points through C5, Ortigas Ave., and Amang Rodriguez Ave. 

Meanwhile, Robinsons Galleria, situated 350m away from the Ortigas Station of the MRT, is known for its easy accessibility.

As part of their commitment to sustainability, Robinsons Offices and Robinsons Land Corporation have collaborated to provide a safe, comfortable, and convenient commuting experience for the public. The City Optimized Managed Electric Transport (COMET) shuttle service, powered by GET, offers an enjoyable and eco-friendly way to travel.

By choosing COMET, passengers actively contribute to sustainability initiatives while embracing an efficient commuting experience. The COMET buses are equipped with full electric motors, resulting in a serene ambiance within the vehicle due to the absence of engine noise. This allows passengers to engage in productive work during their commute or simply relax with a book. The COMET buses are monitored and connected, ensuring a smooth and safe trip. The well-maintained interiors, along with air-conditioning, provide utmost comfort to passengers, guaranteeing a pleasant journey.

By opting for COMET, passengers also help reduce air pollution and minimize exposure to harmful pollutants. Diesel-powered vehicles are known to contribute significantly to air pollution and various health issues. However, with COMET buses, passengers can breathe easily and reduce CO2 emissions. Each COMET bus can make a substantial impact on combating global warming, with GET estimating that using a single COMET bus for a year can reduce CO2 emissions by 40,000 kilograms. By choosing COMET, passengers prioritize their well-being and make a positive contribution to the environment.

The COMET shuttle service currently operates from Monday to Saturday, providing convenient transportation between Giga Tower in Bridgetowne Destination Estate and Robinsons Galleria’s Carpark Annex Terminal. The route can easily expand to include stops at Robinsons Offices’ premier office building, GBF Center 1, and the upcoming Opus Mall. The shuttle service operates from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Passengers can access the service by downloading the GETPASS mobile app on their smartphones. By joining the Robinsons Riders Club group, each rider receives a personalized QR code for easy boarding and alighting from the COMET bus. With a spacious capacity accommodating up to 30 passengers, passengers can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Accessibility is a priority for Robinsons Land Corporation, and each COMET bus is designed to accommodate passengers with disabilities. The buses feature air-conditioning, an extending electric ramp, and a reserved spot next to the driver for wheelchair users. The COMET’s onboard computer runs the GETPASS system for cashless fare collection, ensuring a hassle-free payment experience.

Robinsons Land Corporation’s collaboration with GET and the COMET buses revolutionizes transportation by combining sustainability, safety, and convenience. By choosing the COMET shuttle service, passengers become part of a movement towards cleaner air and a greener future. This eco-friendly transportation initiative offers a fun, reliable, and sustainable journey with GET and Robinsons Offices.

For a limited period, RLC’s COMET shuttle service offers complimentary rides between Giga Tower and Robinsons Galleria, allowing passengers to experience the convenience and sustainability of this eco-friendly transportation initiative at no cost.

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