Robinsons Malls welcomes the Year of the Tiger with Roaring Attractions 

Get off to a roaring start during the Chinese New Year only at Robinsons Malls. As the “wild and ferocious tiger” sends the ox galloping away, immerse yourself with larger-than-life attractions as Robinsons Place Manila, Robinsons Magnolia, and Robinsons Galleria celebrate the Lunar New Year. 

The Year of the Tiger is the third in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac signs. According to legend, when the Jade Emperor challenged all the animals in the Kingdom to the Great Race, the Tiger was super confident he would win. But the cunning Rat and workhorse Ox sneaked up ahead of him. Tigers are extremely competitive, courageous, and ambitious. 

“Every year, Robinsons Malls prepares exciting attractions for our customers to make their Spring Festival celebrations more fun and memorable.  This Year of the Tiger is no exception as we treat everyone to new and eye-catching decors that will elevate their shopping, dining, and leisure experiences inside our malls,” says Arlene Magtibay, SVP and General Manager of Robinsons Malls. 

Robinsons Place Manila features a Family of Tigers Under The Golden Tree of Life attraction. Watch a family of tigers chilling under an imposing 20-foot golden tree. This represents a rebirth of strength and bravery through the generations. The golden tree is a metaphor for abundance, growth, and the cyclical nature of life, anchoring the ground to the sky and connecting Earth and Heaven, representing unity. The golden tree is the canopy for our family and symbolizes respect for the power and ambition of the next generations. 

A Garden of the Tiger is the centerpiece of Robinsons Magnolia. The mall will host a massive Tiger adorned with red roses. Symbolizing the ruler of the Summer and governor of the Fire elements, the Tiger stands proud and tall at the center of the floral garden. This stark contrast signifies the power of the Tiger amid a flourish of success and achievements. 

At Robinsons Galleria, a display of a Giant Tiger on a Cliff symbolizes consistency and eternity. Perched high on a mountain cliff, a giant lit tiger is closer to heaven than ever, emitting courage, reminding everyone to be brave wherever this year’s journey may take them. 

If the Rat was about survival and the Ox was about settling into the new normal, what’s in store for you in the Year of the Tiger? The Tiger will be about making big changes, risk-taking, and adventures. Will you thrive by taking great leaps, or will you crash and burn? 

Feng shui Queen Marites Allen said that, “yes, the tiger is a ferocious, very strong animal. When life knocks it down, the tiger gets up again.” The tiger is aggressive, impatient, and waits for no one. It represents energy, strength, leadership, and purposefulness. 

“How do you tame a tiger? So, we need to make sure that our reactions to everything are controlled. We need to stay calm, be balanced, and do things in moderation,” Allen said. 

As the Chinese Zodiac also cycles through five elemental types, 2022 will be the Year of the Water Tiger. Allen said this will be a great year for the freedom-seeking Horses and the loyal Dogs. Tigers and Dragons will ride the tides, while the intelligent Monkey, the conflict animal of the Tiger, will still receive a boost from the Tiger’s energy. 

Traditionally, a Zodiac sign’s year is the most unlucky for them, but determined Tigers know how to bring home the bacon than most animals. This will be a challenging year for the sneaky Snake who likes to strategize in secret, while the Rat, Ox, Rabbit, Sheep, Rooster, and Boar should proceed with caution. The Boar is a secret friend of the Tiger and will be rewarded for this friendship, so wear friendship amulets. 

Snakes are advised to wear protective talismans like cow or chicken signs and surrounding themselves with black or yellow color. Rats must have a Tai Sui amulet, for confidence and courage, while the Ox luck could turn around with the help of the victory flag or prosperity mongoose.  

The Rabbit’s amulet is the pagoda of 5 elements, and the Rooster must carry with them a natural tiger eye bracelet. Goats will achieve positive results with a Qi Lin Vase. 

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