Robinsons Malls Goes All Out for Earth Hour 2022 

Robinsons Malls continues to support the global climate change awareness campaign by joining this year’s observance of Earth Hour. 

Launched in 2007 by the World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Earth Hour is a yearly campaign that encourages everyone to turn off non-essential lights as a nod to saving energy and helping the environment. Robinsons Malls has been a proud supporter of Earth Hour for many years and will continue to join its campaign of empowering people taking action on climate change and creating a sustainable future for all. Alongside its long-standing sustainability efforts, Robinsons Malls will also be launching a series of activities and events to enable shoppers to have a more meaningful celebration of Earth Hour. 

Earth Hour Activities 

All Robinsons Malls will be switching off non-essential lights from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on March 26, 2022. In addition to the hour-long tradition, Robinsons Malls will also be treating shoppers to an exciting Earth Hour Lights Show and Glow-in-the-Dark Parade at Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Magnolia, and Robinsons Place Manila. Performers will regale the audience with LED light performances and LED drum beater parades guaranteeing a fun and eco-friendly evening for the whole family. Acoustic performers will also serenade al fresco diners at Unplugged and Live. 

Various interactive installations and promotions will also take place across various locations, such as Robinsons Place Tacloban’s Earth Hour Trivia Wall, Robinsons Tagaytay’s Earth Hour Commitment Wall, Robinsons Place Palawan’s Eco-bag Giveaway, and Robinsons Place Ilocos’ Plant Giveaway. Several Robinsons Malls will also be hosting Earth Hour Neon Dance sessions, where customers can have fun dancing to the beat in neon and glow-in-the-dark accessories. 

Robinsons Malls understands that going green is a journey, not a destination. “For Robinsons Malls, this is more than just an event or a one-time activity. We are in it for the long haul. We want our customers and partners to see that we are serious in our commitment to do our part in preserving the environment for future generations,” says Robinsons Malls SVP and General Manager Arlene Magtibay. 

Sustainability Beyond The Hour 

Robinsons Malls’ commitment to saving the planet goes beyond its yearly support of Earth Hour. It has been a pioneer in sustainable mall development and operations, as evidenced by its solar energy and water recycling programs that have been operational in several malls for many years. 

Robinsons Malls has been working on initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and increase the use of renewable energy. These include the installation of solar panels in over 20 Robinsons Malls nationwide, the availability of water conservation and recycling facilities, the incorporation of energy-saving features in the design of the malls, and various solid waste management programs. 

Sustainability For All 

On top of its large-scale sustainability initiatives, Robinsons Malls also continuously ensures that greener choices are accessible to the public. As such, all the malls are made bike-friendly and are equipped with facilities dedicated to cycling enthusiasts. Recycling fairs and eco-markets such as Locally Sourced are on a regular rotation to help make recycling a habit and to give its customers better access to fresh, locally sourced produce, respectively. 

Earth Hour is just around the corner, so make sure to check out your nearest Robinsons Mall for a fun and eco-friendly celebration that the whole family can enjoy. For more information, check our Robinsons Malls’ social media pages. 

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