Robinsons Land unveils ‘Lambat’ at Bridgetowne — a tribute to the Filipino workers

An encounter with a magnificent sculpture or a mesmerizing mural can lift one’s spirits, offer respite, and spark joy — especially when it happens in unexpected places. This element of surprise instills a sense of wonder in people’s lives, reminding them there is beauty in the everyday. While artworks in private collections have this sheen of exclusivity, public art is all about accessibility and inclusion. After all, everyone deserves every bit of inspiration.

Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) believes in the power of public art in transforming ordinary urban landscapes into beautiful, extraordinary places. How Bridgetowne — Robinsons Land’s premier destination estate — embraces this philosophy is evidenced by the unveiling of “Lambat.” Crafted by Jude Tiotuico, Miguel Aguas, and Vito Selma, this sculpture pays homage to the tireless Filipino working class. It serves as a sanctuary, casting its protective shade upon people and creating a space for their children to play in.

The piece depicts a fisherman and a fisherwoman casting a net in mid-air, embodying the Filipino people’s grit, resilience, and penchant for sacrifice.

Since RLC wants art to become part of everyday life (as exemplified by its ARTablado platform, which provides exhibition spaces for artists from all walks of life), it envisions Bridgetowne as a place welcoming creators to the estate. It sees it as a place of creation, innovation, and imagination.

The sculptors behind “Lambat” gave their all in this collaborative project. Jude Tiotuico is the CEO and creative head of Industria Edition, a modern metal furniture and decor manufacturing company based in Pampanga. Miguel Carlos Aguas is the president and lead designer of MCCA Industrial Corp/Vulcan Resources Inc., a company specializing in metal furniture. Vito Selma is a Cebu-based furniture designer known for his innovative and contemporary designs with wood and other sustainable materials. Each artist has a unique creative journey and draws inspiration from different sources, including mid-century, Art Deco, nature, sports, and travel.

Creating “Lambat” began with a series of sketches and design concepts. The artists’ goal was to create a piece that embodies Bridgetowne’s function of “work.” They drew inspiration from fisherfolk, who often face the unpredictable and harsh elements of the sea while working tirelessly to make a living.

With the final design, the artists worked with a team of skilled metalworkers to bring their vision to life. They used various techniques, including welding and forging, to shape the metal into the intricate forms that comprise “Lambat.”

A year and a half later, the fruit of this collaboration now stands in Bridgetowne. Tiotuico, Aguas, and Selma have created not only a powerful tribute to Filipino fisherfolk but also a metaphor for how many of us go against the flow in pursuit of a better life, casting our nets into the sea of life, hoping to harvest something precious, something truly inspiring.

“Lambat” joins “The Victor” by Fil-Am artist Jefrё Manuel-Figueras, which RLC also commissioned for Bridgetowne. The commissioned works were part of the plan to put public art installations that catalyze the transformation of Bridgetowne into a thriving art hub, adding to the city’s allure and creating a welcoming public space for residents and visitors alike.

“The Victor” was inspired by the remarkable success story of John Gokongwei, who transcended his humble beginnings to become a towering figure as a Filipino entrepreneur, industrialist, and philanthropist.

“We work with local artists to manifest our vision of an urban landscape that empowers individuals to live, work, play, and find inspiration. Art breathes life into cities, infusing them with culture, soul, and emotion. Just as with ‘The Victor,’ we aim to inspire and unite people, spark their imagination, and leave a lasting impression on those who see and experience it,” says Mybelle V. Aragon-GoBio, RLC’s senior vice president and general manager for Robinsons Destination Estates.

With its premium residential developments, sustainable office buildings, upscale retail and dining options, 5-star hospitality, and recreational open spaces, Bridgetowne embodies the live-work-play-inspire lifestyle. It creates a vibrant and enriching urban experience for individuals seeking a dynamic and fulfilling lifestyle.

Bridgetowne Destination Estate has been awarded Best Township Development and Best Township Masterplan Design at the prestigious PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards 2022. This recognition solidifies Bridgetowne’s position as a benchmark for excellence in integrated developments, setting the standard for future developments in the country.

For information, partnership, or leasing inquiries, visit and-integrated-developments-division or message us on bridgetownedestinationestate and/or

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