Obra Kadabra at Robinsons Antipolo until Oct 31

Hand-painted masks by Sining Rizal artists.

Filipino folklore and tradition is such a rich resource of stories and imagery that local artists have turned to it for inspiration. There are those who draw from it directly while there are others who go beyond and come up with new and whimsical worlds that ignite wonder and excite the mind.

In Obra Kadabra, the ongoing exhibit in Robinsons Antipolo, 22 artists of Sining Rizal provide its audience with a sense of awe in their collection of recent works that blur the realm of reality and imagination.

Bounded by the ideals of Rizal Province’s natural wanderland, artists Bong Anore, Oiet Aramil, Jhune Bernardo, Marlon Constantino, Rey Punelas, Jovito Andres, Charlie Val, Berny Supsupin, Totong Francisco, Reggie Lim, Ronald Limayo, Jonalyn Montero, Gerry Marasigan, Ding Jovellano, Wiliam Alcantara, Jun Tiongco, Roger Fulgado, Roland delos Santos, Mhar Baes, Bello Pasa Jr., Addie Cukingnan and Naomi Banal uphold the creative and artistic legacy of their hometown, staying true to its vision of preserving and promoting awareness of the bountiful culture imbued with historical values and beliefs that exist in the very portals of Rizal Province.

The artists take their cue from those who came before them, turning ordinary days into something extraordinary and making colorful configurations with the use of a brush and palette knife that when translated into the canvas, make viewers believe in something truly magical. Abracadabra, just like that.

Sining Rizal was founded in December 2009 by Jovito Andres of Grupo Sining Angono, Reynaldo Punelas of Bigkis Sining Binangonan, Reggie Lim of Group Artists of Taytay, and Jun Tinongco of the Tanay Group of Artists, who served as the founding president.

The artists have since been a staple in art galleries and museums, their works awarded and recognized for its contribution in different fields and eventually finding homes in different private and public collections.

Indeed, the artists of Obra Kadabra have made their mark in the art scene. The exhibition wishes to convey a mystified recreation of mind-boggling visions of things yet realized or seen with the artists believing that something that is perhaps impossible could be arrived upon through artistic creativity and masterful execution. 

In celebration of Halloween, Sining Rizal artists will likewise be selling hand-painted masks during the exhibition period.

The exhibition will run until October 31 at Robinsons Antipolo. Robinsons ARTablado continues to support Filipino art by providing a second home for artists where they can showcase their creativity and artistic genius.

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