New attraction at Robinsons Magnolia has visitors spinning around

The Spun Chair is a novelty to enjoy at Robinsons Magnolia’s Central Garden

There always seems to be something new to see, taste or experience at Robinsons Malls. Whether you’re there to shop, dine or meet up with friends, the popular mall chain has it all. One of its newest attractions consists of six sculptural pieces at the base of the Christmas tree outdoors. If they remind you of oversized tops like the ones some of us used to play with as children, you wouldn’t be too far off the mark.

They’re spinning chairs and they’ve quickly become a favorite of mall-goers—both young and old— who frequent this well-loved Quezon City mall. Made using rotational molding with polyethylene, the chairs are hollow on the inside and allow users to spin around using only their body weight. All around the surface of the chairs are textured bands or lines that help prevent users from slipping off.  

It might take a bit of getting used to but once you hit your stride, the thrill is one of a kind. It’s like your very own mini carnival ride where you’re the only passenger.

The original Spun Chair was designed by Thomas Heatherwick over a decade ago. It was initially an exploration on whether or not the process of metal spinning could create something to sit on. Heatherwick produced several metal versions tapping the process used to make timpani drums. Metal sheets were pressed against a rotating cast iron form using a paddle, welded and polished. The ones at Robinsons Magnolia are made of polyethylene and are thus much lighter. When allowed to stand on its narrow base, the Spun looks almost sculptural in form. The real fun begins, however, when it is leaned on its side and you get to lounge, rock and spin a full 360 degrees. It’s an experience not to be missed even if you think you might look a bit odd, spinning around, laughing and looking at the sky and the mall’s fairy-lit Christmas tree.

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