Music and Visual Art in PLAYLIST 3 Art Exhibit in ARTablado

Art’e Bauan and Art’e Likha artists

Music that inspires art and art that inspires music. It might seem like a stretch, but their surroundings have long influenced artists. They create something fresh and new by tapping into their five senses.

For example, the Russian abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky believed music and color were inextricably linked. Kandinsky associated each musical note with color on his palette and once said, “The sound of colors is so definite that it would be hard to find anyone who would express bright yellow with bass notes or dark lake with treble.”

Granted, Kandinsky had a rare neurological condition called synesthesia—where he saw colors when listening to music—but the idea is worth experimenting. Two artist groups from Batangas have done this in their ongoing exhibit at ARTablado in Robinsons Galleria.

“Playlist 3: Symphony of Sight and Sound,” which runs until February 15, is a group exhibit featuring artworks inspired by movie soundtracks.

The participating artists from Arte Bauan include Yelcast, Ada Panopio, Windsor Magnaye, Jerwind Magnaye, Cheyzer Manalo, Ruby Bagsit, Sarah Jane Tumambing, Bill Perez, Batilyo and Doy Kastilyo.

Those from Arte Likha are Temyong, John Kier Contacte, Justin Magbojos, Joy Bagay, Sleygh and Ria Manalo.

It’s a concept they tackled in two previous exhibits where their favorite songs inspired their artworks. This time, they chose movie soundtracks that more people can relate to. Viewers can scan the codes beside each piece to hear the soundtrack that served as inspiration.

“In Playlist 3, we aim to capture the essence of beloved movie soundtracks through captivating artwork. Our goal is to immortalize the emotion and spirit of these iconic soundtracks in visual form, creating a unique fusion of music and art,” said Yelcast, founder of Visual Poetry Philippines and Arte Bauan.

The two-week exhibit is bound to resonate with Filipinos who are hopeless romantics.

“Painting a song from a movie soundtrack is a beautiful and meaningful creative process that allows artists to tap into the emotional, interpretive, narrative, and personal aspects of the music and translate them into visual art,” Yelcast added.

The group chose to hold their exhibit at ARTablado, citing how it’s an “ideal platform to showcase their work to a diverse and engaged audience” and pointing out that it is “renowned” for promoting local artists.

“By collaborating with this esteemed gallery, Arte Bauan and Arte Likha gain access to a professional, well-equipped space that enhances the presentation of their artwork. This partnership also signifies a mutual dedication to fostering creativity and supporting emerging artists within the local community,” Yelcast said.

The outspoken artist then shared a message of empowerment to artistically inclined youth. “As young Filipino visual artists, you possess the ability to shape narratives, challenge perceptions, and inspire others through your art. Embrace your identity, hone your skills, and continue to push boundaries—your voice matters. It has the potential to resonate far and wide.”

“Playlist 3: Symphony of Sight and Sound” is on view at ARTablado in Robinsons Galleria until February 15.

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