Meet Hilda Agsolid, Batanes tour guide

Hilda with Zsa Zsa Padilla (left photo), and with tourists from Guam.

Batanes is one of the best Philippine destinations. It has three beautiful isles located on the northernmost tip of Luzon: Basco, Sabtang, and Itbayat.

I used to teach photography by bringing my students to a four-day-three-night safari in Batanes. That was how I met Hilda Nobleza Agsolid, an Ivatan and a trained tour guide.

Hilda knows Batanes’s topography, history, and culture, making her a reliable source of information that visitors to Batanes, like my students and myself, need to know. Friendly and enthusiastic, Hilda soon became the tour guide for every photo safari I organized.

Her favorite place is the scenic Chamantad-Tinian Viewpoint on Sabtang Island. The vast, open landscape overlooks the ocean, offering a breathtaking view for tourists and photographers.

According to Hilda, Sabtang is a highlight in any tour in Batanes.

“One has to experience the boat ride, see the stone houses, the natural stone arch, and the unique Chamantad viewpoint,” she says.

“My most exciting and enjoyable experience as a tour guide is when I feel my guests are enjoying the place and learning something about our culture,” she also says.

Batanes has inns, hotels, and restaurants. There’s Fundacion Pacita, which stands out for its amenities and the spectacular view of the ocean on one side and the seemingly endless rolling hills on the other. There’s Tukon Cafe for fine dining and Casa Napoli for the best pizza in town.

The Seaside Hotel and Bernardo’s Inn are pleasant, too. The newest hotel with a good restaurant is the Boulder Beach Resort, near another Batanes attraction, the Boulder Beach.

Tourists who want to sample the simple, provincial cuisine need not fret. “We also have carinderias,” Hilda says.

Her recent clients include singer/actress/TV host Zsa Zsa Padilla, who toured Batanes for three days.

If you need the services of a tour guide, check her FB: Hilda Nobleza Agsolid, or text or call 09472158098.

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