Marge Abrina’s journey from employee to entrepreneur

It started when Marge and her daughter discussed having a coffee shop business in 2020 but never pursued it because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Three years later, Marge resigned from her corporate job to attend to an important family matter. She also took it as an opportunity to take a gap year after being an employee for over 20 years, the last seven years in the corporate world.

But God had a different plan: He opened a door for Marge to become an entrepreneur. She had questions in her mind, foremost was, “Can I manage a business? I have been an employee for over two decades; what do I know about entrepreneurship?

“I pulled myself together, for I know myself better than anyone else. Besides, I have acquired some skills from my corporate years,” she said

When she learned about B1T1 Takeaway Coffee from a news feed on social media, she immediately inquired and signed up as one of their franchisees in Capitol Commons Park in Pasig City.

These days, Marge is busy as a bee wearing a hat as an entrepreneur.

“I manage seven employees running B1T1 Takeaway Coffee in Capitol Commons. They are working students, and I am helping them earn an income as they go through college,” she said.

B1T1 Takeaway Coffee offers premium-tasting yet reasonably priced coffee products sold on a Buy 1 Take 1 concept.

Regular coffee starts at 48 pesos.

Iced Americano, an espresso shot over ice perfect for summer, is simple, refreshing, and bold. It is a fantastic choice for those in a low-carb diet.

Spanish Latte is a take on the Spanish Cafe con Leche, an espresso-based coffee sweetened with condensed milk served either hot or cold.

Caramel Macchiato has a bolder taste thanks to its combination of espresso, vanilla flavor, and steamed milk drizzled with caramel syrup.

A must-try, Ube Latte is a delicious mixture of espresso, milk, ube (purple yam) flavoring sweetened to perfection. It can be your new favorite!

Not your usual latte, Ferrero Latte delights with its espresso, steamed milk, hazelnut syrup, and a dollop of Nutella hazelnut chocolate.

Chocolate Frappe blends chocolate and milk slush topped with whipped cream for an utterly delicious taste. Not to be missed, especially this summer!

In addition to flavored coffees, B1T1 also offers flavored iced teas, such as Green Apple, Lychee, Raspberry, and Passion Fruit.

Marge’s kiosk is open 24 hours, six days a week.

To order for pickup, call our store at +639949652682

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