Let’s wean ourselves from plastic

Plastic is a problem that is reaching a critical point.

Not only is disposal on land a major headache for local governments but the increasing volume of plastic waste in oceans, seas and waterways is destroying marine resources and killing marine fauna, including fish, a major food source.

Ordinary citizens, particularly consumers, can make valuable contributions in saving and protecting marine life and resources and reducing plastic waste that are making landfills untenable.

Here are some suggestions from Custom Made and Ghergich & Co.

Use metals and glass containers. They “are durable and  can be recycled indefinitely”.   Aluminum, steel, glass and wood, for instance, are easier to reuse and dispose of than plastic.

There are now biodegradable alternatives to plastic, like bagasse – the pulp from sugar cane – for food and beverage containers. An eco-friendlier bioplastic is also available. The initials PLA or CPLA identify this material.

If you worry about the potability of water from the tap, do not use bottled water for drinking. Not only is it a huge expense but will also mean empty plastic   bottles to add to the landfill. Invest in a good water filter. It will last for a long time and is cheaper in the long run.

Make your own organic  cleaning products and store them in bottles. The internet and YouTube have a number of do-it-yourself cleaning preparations that are less harmful to the environment.

Use reusable plates, cups and eating utensils. Buy your children wooden, instead of plastic, toys. The plastic toys may even contain substances harmful to  children.

Compost to use fewer garbage bags and buy metal or wood furniture instead of plastic. Reuse glass jars for food storage and use cloth shower curtains. Consider using cloth diapers for babies and young children instead of the disposable ones.

When you do your grocery shopping, bring your own reusable bag so you will not need plastic bags.

Use reusable plates, drinking cups and utensils in the office. If you bring lunch or snacks to the office or school, use reusable containers.

As Custom Made and Ghergich & Co. remind us, “Even small, simple changes can make a big difference.”

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