Jobs of 3  OFWs saved in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

      The MWO-OWWA (Migrant Workers Office—Overseas Workers Welfare Administration) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, made the right move recently in saving the jobs of three overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) seeking rescue and repatriation.

    The OFWs— Khim Dador (a.k.a. Jun Pinto), Ian Lansang Sarmiento, and Earl Carandang— worked as masseurs at Elegance Time salon in Tabuk, northwestern Saudi Arabia.

        The MWO-OWWA saved the OFWs’ jobs and got the SR2,000 (P29,700) each was entitled to as monthly salaries, allowing them to continue contributing to the country’s dollar reserves.

        The case was referred by Rafael E. Seguis, former career ambassador, to Department of Migrant Workers Undersecretary and officer-in-charge (OIC) Hans Leo J. Cacdac and Consul General Edgar Tomas “Gary” Q. Auxilian, who forwarded it to Labor Attaché Roel B. Martin of the MWO-OWWA.

     At the time, a Philippine Consulate and MWO team was in Tabuk to render various services to OFWs in the city and adjoining areas.

    Dador, Sarmiento and Carandang went to the hotel where the consular team received OFWs seeking various services.

    The OFWs complained that the salon owner, Yahya Opayn, was unhappy when they had no customers and the Moroccan barber Ibrahim, who acted as manager, was always shouting at them.

    “Lagi silang nagpaparinig ng masama laban sa amin,“ said Dador who comes from Gen. Trias, Cavite.

    (They always said something terrible about us within earshot.)

      He said the employer sided with the Moroccan manager when they met recently to settle their differences

     Dador added that because of maltreatment, they were no longer happy with their jobs and wanted to transfer to another employer or return to the Philippines.

    “Papaano naming magagawa ang trabaho namin nang maayos kung  hindi panatag ang aming isipan?“ he said.

    (How can we do our jobs properly if we don’t have peace of mind?)

        Asked about the reasons for the maltreatment, Dador said the salon owner was unhappy if there were no customers.

        But the three OFWs did not like that Opayn favored Ibrahim during a recent meeting to settle their differences.

         Dador said the altercation with Ibrahim started “when Earl refused to massage (Ibrahim) because he was already tired.

         Realizing that the problem was not a “matter of life and death,” the MWO said it would write to the salon owner and manager. The letter would indicate that if the situation did not improve, the OFWs would be pulled out and repatriated to the Philippines.

   The OFWs were satisfied with the action.

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