Is online Bingo authorized? 

I keep getting messages telling me to download the online Bingo game.  

This morning the message was: “Did you know PBA is sponsored by Bingo Plus. JP is now 19.7M+ growing fast. Sign up to receive 40P – PAGCOR Licensed.” 

Has the government authorized this promotion? And how did these people get my number? Did they get it from @Globe? 

Bingo might not sound like a serious form of gambling. The stereotype is that it is the traditional fund-raiser for Catholic Church groups and, thus, not as insidious as poker, black Jack, slot machines, roulette, etc.  

Still it is a betting game. 

And since the promotion is done over mobile phones, isn’t there the risk that people too young to realize the harmful effects of gambling are being reached by the message and unknowingly lured into this game of chance? 

I remember friends complaining before mobile phones became popular of huge long distance telephone bills. Apparently, their children saw an advertisement on television encouraging them to call a number without realizing the number was in another country. Even kasambahay caused huge phone bills for the household. 

Waste management 

Newspaper reports said sister companies @Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) and @Smart Communications have joined the @X-Trash Challenge that is ongoing until Sept. 16.  

Organized by the @Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), the initiative will encourage employees of the two companies to exchange recyclable plastic, paper and metal for environmental points (EP) that can buy food packs for their chosen beneficiaries.  

This year, PLDT plans to donate part of its EPs to the @Solidarity with Orphans and Widows, a community-based rehabilitation program for families in the depressed community of Payatas in Quezon City who are victims of violence and have experienced deep trauma. 

Another beneficiary is Childhope Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes the welfare of children, particularly those on the streets, and upholds and protects their rights. 

The participation of PLDT and Smart in PBSP’s initiative is part of the companies’ efforts to make recycling and responsible waste management part of their corporate culture. 

Admissible bottles are PET (plastic designed for safe use as containers for food and beverages) bottles, detergent containers, PVC pipes and tarpaulin, single-use plastic and cutlery. 

Newsprint (paper used for newspapers), paper plates, receipts, office waste paper, cardboard boxes and beverage cartons are also accepted. 

As for metals, acceptable are steel beams, pots, roofs, crown caps from beverages, as well as aerosol, food and aluminum cans. 

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