‘Hue Ko Na’ at ARTablado Antipolo

Wistful Ride by Jeremy Benasa

Art’s ability to uplift the spirit is a universal truth that more and more people are beginning to understand. In fact, painting is used in therapy to help those who may be having difficulty expressing their feelings or in some instance, alleviate any form of cognitive or emotional trauma.

The global pandemic saw people discover interest in different forms of self-expression, effectively igniting a new breed of artists who sought to either keep themselves busy or even find new ways to make a living.

In some cases, there are those who found refuge in the arts, whose souls found hope in these uncertain times.

“Hue Ko Na”, a play on the Filipino expression “yoko na” is the latest exhibit by ARTablado at the Upper Ground Floor, North Wing of Robinsons Antipolo. Instead of the exasperation represented by the latter, “Hue Ko Na” is an exhibition by artists of the Parola group, who have come together for a common mission—that is to be a more positive force by adding color to what some may say has been an otherwise gloomy past two years.

In their artist statement, Parola describes the pandemic as something seemingly out of the movies where one wonders if a solution will ever arrive or if it is indeed the end. Yet, hope remains alive if one doesn’t give up where even the simple act of brushing paint on canvas and creating something
visual is enough to keep one going.

The group, which was established in 2009 by young artists from Tanay, Rizal, was named as such because similar to a lighthouse, they want to act as a guide and a stepping stone for those who aspire to make a mark in the arts. As such, the members of Parola hold in high regard the message of hope, light, and guidance.

Members of Parola are Jie Adamat, CP Baylosis, Jeremy Benasa, Angela Brazal, Jersey Breis, Jona Cacho, Carpini, Athan Castalone, Kim Labedon, JB Ortiz, Khriza Pantaleon, Loren Panuncio, Elmer Rivas, Ken Salen, CJ Santos, and Dine Tonito.

In recent years, Parola has held programs and exhibitions including the free Tuklas Sining Art Workshop, Bereshit, Existhings, and The Sideshow.

“Hue Ko Na” will be on display until November 30, 2022. Robinsons ARTablado continues to support Filipino art by providing a second home for artists where they can showcase their creativity and artistic genius.

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