Floral profusion marks Women’s Month at Robinsons Antipolo

Flowers ranging in size from tiny and delicate to lush, dinner plate-like dimensions bloom in an ongoing exhibit at ARTablado at Robinsons Antipolo. The exhibit features the works of members of the Unified Artists Society (UAS), which was formed last May.

Rey “Ser Rey” Adolfo, Box Populi, Anne Margaret Villanueva, Minda Santa Maria, Jonna Fe Custodio-Adraque, and Juvy Teope Mago banded together to ” elevate the world of art to the highest level possible.” By providing an avenue for local artists to showcase their talent, the original group of five has since doubled and tripled in number.   

I Bloom and Thrive for I Paint by Scars with Gold by Anne Margaret Villanueva

They staged four events and five group shows in less than a year. Their sixth group show, “Indayog ng Kalikasan (Dances of Nature): An Ode to Nature in Celebration of Women’s Month,” runs until March 15 at the upper ground floor of Robinsons Antipolo mall.

UAS has attracted both young and established artists because of its openness. “We also offer mentorship and share our knowledge with aspiring artists,” said Adolfo. “We believe art can be a powerful force for positive change and cultural celebration.”

Palawan Peacock by Minda Sta. Maria

They chose “Dances of Nature” to mark Women’s Month and to highlight the participating women artists whose creations celebrate the country’s diverse flora and fauna. “[The exhibit] showcases the artists’ love for nature. UAS places value on the environment and the image of women as enchanting and full of beauty,” Rey added. 

“We also hope to spread awareness about the plight of our environment. We want to help people recognize the beauty in diversity, the strength in vulnerability, and the endless capacity for growth and renewal. [The exhibit’s aim is] to inspire people to a more profound reverence for all around us and give tribute to the spirit of beauty inherent in all of us.

Wildflower by Ser Rey

The group chose ARTablado for their latest group exhibit because, as Adolfo pointed out, “the venue is well known among the artistic community and has enough space to showcase the works of a big group of artists. The name ‘ARTablado’ is a magnet for artists who want to exhibit their works. It also helps that the people handling it are doing a great job.”

Caelifera by Box Populi

Adolfo then shared a few tips for young artists: “Do not be lazy when creating. As you make art, you learn more and become more attuned to the natural world. Avoid rushing through the creative process and turning in mediocre work. Lastly, if you plan to include your work in an exhibit, make sure it is presentable because the finished product speaks volumes about the person.

“Indayog ng Kalikasan (Dances of Nature): An Ode to Nature in Celebration of Women’s Month” features the works of Abe Tejada, Abegail de Luna, Alexander Balmaceda, Ameer Catandihan, Angie Lazaro, Anne Margaret Villanueva, Benn Mar Pauig, Bernadette de Leon, Box Populi, Cristina Alsol, Christy Lagrada-Tabuldan, Edilberto Decillo, Eleanor Oberio, Elias Pernecita Jr., Ferdinand Sanchez, Gary Montenegro, Jaime Agudos Tacuyan Jr., Jay Dy, Jem Garcia, Jessa Velonero, JL Timbreza-Siao, Joahna Bonifacio-Luna, Jonna Fe Custodio-Adraque, Julie Ann Tacapan, Juvy Teope Mago-Abne, Karla Maria Fabon, Konica Faustino, Leandro “Lenny” Gatapia, Marie Claire, Marie Criselda Basilio, Minda Sta. Maria, Nathaniel Umali, Ramon Sediego, Rein Jadie Gile, Ser Rey, Tina Aldana-Cabantog, Ton Munoz and Yana Orais.

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