Filipino-made portable food heater

Filipino ingenuity never ceases to amaze.

I attended the inauguration of the state-of-the-art new Bayer Philippines offices in Taguig City and lunch was served in boxes. But before you sigh in dismay, it was not your usual packed lunch.

The innovative technology introduced in the new food packaging was actually quite fitting for a smart building housing a company anchored on innovation and the latest scientific developments.

The lunch box that looked like a typical bento box is self-heating. It can be stacked somewhere and hosts need not worry that food will get cold if an event or activity extends way beyond it is scheduled to end.

The box is designed like a portable steamer. By pulling a string, hot steam is released and food is reheated within a few minutes. The hot steam is released only when one is ready to eat so food does not dry up like it sometimes does when kept warm in chafing dishes for some time.

Steam Box Corporation, maker of the Hotbox, calls itself “the pioneer in producing an innovative heating device” to ensure food is served hot and fresh.

“Hotbox is a proud Filipino product. It is the first self-heating, portable food box that allows you to enjoy a hot meal anytime, anywhere,” the company says. “You can take it (Hotbox) with you wherever you go — to the office, beach, car, park or even the great outdoors.”

The innovative food packaging comes in different sizes and may be customized for the  customer’s specific needs.

Not surprisingly, the company, which is already registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, began commercial operations in May 2020 when demand for food delivery soared as Filipinos were practically confined to their homes because of lockdowns and quarantines.

Steam Box’s mission is to “create a world where everyone has access to a hot meal at their convenience” and its mission is to “innovate and provide products that solve all cold food and freshness dilemmas”.

Although it is young, Steam Box is already firmly committed to a corporate social responsibility program. “For every box sold, we will donate a hot meal to our partner charities and foundations,” the company says, one good reason to patronize this new amazing example of Filipino ingenuity.

Find out more about the company and its products by checking out the Hotbox pages on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

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