Filipino diaspora seeks better life for their families

Photo taken during the Harmony Day celebration. From left: Amy Zheng, Roberto Garcia, unnamed performer and Ricker Feril, FABICCQ media officer. Photo courtesy of Bob Garcia.)

    Filipinos might have left the old country to settle down somewhere else for the promise of a better,  if not prosperous,  life.

    Records show that there were 5.4 million Filipino emigrants in 2019, including 2.3 million migrant workers or overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

    They crossed oceans and moved to different time zones, like Fritz David dela Cruz Esguerra (who left on April 15) or Ferdinand Cenon V. Sagadal Jr. and wife, the former Kristine Joy “Tin” Paras of Calumpit, Bulacan (who left on April 12).

    Both Esguerra, an engineer, and Ferdinand, who is in the information technology sector, are in Toronto, Canada.

    But their thoughts and those of other Filipinos who leave the  country often  drift back to their old home.  That is why they come back for brief visits not only for old times’ sake but also to see kith and kin.

    It was for this reason that Estelita “Lita” Perez Credi of Batangas, now a resident of Cairo in Egypt and Montreal in Canada, or Charwin Erediano-Callejo of Burnaby in British Columbia, Canada  visited the country recently.

    Lita stayed for six months.

      On the other hand, Charwin, his wife, the former Karren Joyce Alarcon, and children Leon and Chanel came for a vacation in the Philippines in January and February this year.

    They spent most of their vacation in Pogo, La Union where Karren was born and grew up.

    Although they long for the old country where they started to dream dreams, Filipinos’ desire to give their families a better life gave them a strong reason to look for greener pastures.

    One of them is 36-year-old Arvin Cordero Obado from Bongabon, Nueva Ecija. He arrived three months back in Toowoomba City, Queensland in Australia with colleague Carlo T. Gales, who hails from the Bicol Region.

     They were hired by an Australian firm as grain silo builders. Both are looking forward to bringing their families to Australia once they become permanent residents.

    They were referred to Roberto Garcia, cultural development officer of the Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC), who welcomed them on their arrival in the city.

    Bob made them feel at home, gave them a tour of the city and entertained them like the good and lively host he is. He literally put his charm to work.

    He did it not only as the regional cultural development officer but also as an expression of sincere gratitude to Toowoomba for making him feel that he, his family and others from other diasporas belong.

    For Bob, there could not have been a more explicit and more meaningful demonstration of belonging than that!

    Ramping up his role is his presidency of the Filipino-Australian Business, Industry and Communities Council  of Queensland (FABICCQ). He promotes projects for or finds solutions to problems of the diverse and disparate communities in the city.

    In doing so, he counts on his fellow FABICCQ officers: Femy Gallardo Cook, Vice President for Business; Feli Lacorte, VP for Industry; Heidi Davie, VP Communities; Fiory Cruz, Treasurer; Agnes Cabe, Secretary; and Ricky Feril, Multimedia Affairs.

     Acknowledging Bob’s role in community development, His Vis Toowoomba noted that the Filipino had practically made the role of cultural development officer his own.

      It could not have said  it better! Sensitive, caring and visionary, Bob makes the communities feel he cares.

      He shows up for little or big events. After he called on Carlo and Arvin at their motel, Carlo sent him a message: “Sir, salamat sa pagdalaw at sa pa-pizza.”

    (Sir, thank you for the visit and the pizza.)

     Bob said Carlo and Arvin had found new accommodations.

      When Arvin celebrated his birthday in Australia for the first time on April 30, Bob also showed up.

   “Sir Robert, maraming salamat sa pag check mo sa amin, “ Arvin said.

    (Sir, thank you for checking on us.)

    He held his birthday bash at the place of a friend, Jojo Abillera, who went to Australia with a sister under the sponsorship of their mother, who was married to an Australian.

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