Fernando Sena leads group exhibit at ARTablado

Robinsons Land ARTablado at Robinsons Galleria has grown and strengthened its reputation as a platform for emerging and established Filipino artists. In four years, paintings, sculptures, and woven art have filled its walls, enthralling art enthusiasts and mall-goers alike.

For Arts Month this year, ARTablado features 50 paintings by Fernando Sena and the 24 members of the Dynamic Art Group led by Esther Garcia.

Sena, considered by many to be the Father of the Art Workshop because of his passion for art education, is one of its core members.


The Dynamic Art Group comprises established and seasoned artists and young aspiring artists who are determined to improve their art continuously.

They chose the theme, “Cross the Line,” because it connotes going beyond the normal, like artists should be courageous when creating.

They believe artists should grow with the times and avoid becoming copycats. They aim to create based on what they feel, see, and imagine.


Crossing the line also means freedom. The members are free to join other art groups and participate in shows in other galleries with different groups.

Crossing the line also means being free to speak out, but members should respect one another: no bragging, bullying, or slander.

They previously staged an exhibit entitled “The Art of Manila Bay Rehab,” which documented the bay and surrounding areas. For their efforts, the Manila Bay-ani Award—an international recognition given by environmentalist groups from Madrid, Normandy, Washington DC, Singapore, and the Philippines—was bestowed on Esther Garcia and the Dynamic Art Group for portraying the beauty of Manila Bay.


They also held exhibits to commemorate the 84th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Philippines that benefited the educational needs of children of fallen soldiers, and another one in cooperation with the Voice of the Free foundation for the benefit of abused women.

Aside from regular communication, the Dynamic Art Group keeps tabs on one another through group activities, including on-the-spot painting events and lectures on skills improvement.

Fernando Sena playfully described the ongoing exhibit as a feast for the senses.

“If I likened it to a restaurant, it would be one offering an eat-all-you-can buffet. You can see and admire all you can here at the ‘Cross the Line’ exhibit,” he said.


Aside from Sena and Garcia, the 23 other participating artists are Jun Rocha, Bing Siochi, Al Perez, Darryl Ajero, Harry Torres, Vic Bachoco, Rick De Villa, Venancio Cabisada Jr., Ely Tablizo, Yolanda Batara, Dan David Garcia, Emmanuel Salva, Rara Carillo, Wendy Rondaris, Charlie Carabella, Chona David, Sally Ocampo Paja, Marilou Viado, Baby Grace Palma, Charina Biteng, Fritz Marcos Flores, Kim Bojanding, and Joyce Maimban.

As a father figure of the group and as the Father of Art Workshops, Sena had this to say to young artists. “Keep on painting. The more you paint, the more you learn to love your art. Love God.”

The “Cross the Line” exhibit runs until February 29 at ARTablado, Level 3, Robinsons Galleria.

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