Constantino arts and accessories are ‘one of a kind’

Anselmo and Constantino, founded by artists Anselmo Escalante Dela Peña and Constantino Hashim Ledesma, embodies a collaborative synergy, merging their diverse knowledge to craft unique art pieces.

Anselmo passed away in July 2020, leaving Constantino to carry the brand, showcasing Anselmo’s exceptional craftsmanship and steering it towards new horizons.

Constantino, guided by a higher purpose, is now driven by the Lord for increased productivity and a mission to help others discover their inner light and radiate brilliance.

Featured in Outre Magazine’s June Pride Month issue, Constantino was named Renaissance Man, a testament to his versatile talents.

He is a landscape artist and a creator of jewelry and accessories, a painter, and a visionary for wedding concepts, coordination, flower arrangements, house interiors, and fashion design. This multi-talented artist also serves as a worship leader, adding a spiritual dimension to his diverse portfolio.

Visit Constantino Arts and Accessories at Hacienda Isabella at 8 Carasuchi St., Indang, Cavite.

Contact 0921733-5747 for more info.

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