Complaint ‘desk’ for online transactions to be launched

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is expected to launch a new online complaints resolution system later this month to address quickly consumer complaints against online sellers. 

Media reports said the Philippine Online Dispute Resolution System (PODRS) or Online Consumer Complaints Assistance and Resolution (Consumer CARe) System would be formally launched during the Third ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Consumer Protection Conference (ACPC) on June 28. 

The Philippines is hosting the conference. 

As designed, @PODRS will automate and streamline the handling of consumer complaints by connecting all government agencies with consumer protection functions. 

Consumers can file a complaint regarding a product or service against an online – even offline – business in the country through PODRS. 

The launch of the PODRS is in line with the Philippines’ commitment to the @ASEAN to promote consumer confidence in cross-border transactions. 

The @DTI worked with the @United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the @University of the Philippines Public Administration Research and Extension Services Foundation, Inc. to develop the system. 

Consumer complaints rose in 2020 with the increase in online shopping activities when the country went on almost total lockdown and mobility was restricted because of the corona virus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic. 

But Trade Undersecretary Ruth Castelo said, from 16,000 complaints in 2020, the number of complaints dropped to 12,000 last year. She attributed this to the easing of restrictions allowing for greater mobility, improvement of online merchants’ operations and consumers’ growing familiarity with online transactions. 

In the first two months of the year, Castelo said DTI received 2,059 complaints involving online transactions. 

New hygiene products 

@LIXIL, maker of @American Standard products, has launched the HygieneClean 2022 campaign with the slogan “Protect What Matters Most, Start with HygieneClean”.  The HygieneClean System offers powerful flushing and rimless technologies, innovative antibacterial technology and an award-winning anti-stain technology to ensure ultimate hygiene protection. 

@Satoshi Konagai, leader, LIXIL Water Technology, Asia Pacific, said, “The American Standard HygieneClean System ensures a safer and cleaner bathroom environment while also saving consumers time and resources when it comes to regular cleaning and maintenance.” 

American Standard uses material science and innovation to create product lines that offer cleaner and safer toilets for consumers. Design elements are also used, with other innovations, to create solutions that reduce water usage without compromising hygiene needs. 

Innovations and designs offer other benefits like time savings as the products do not have to be cleaned as often while still maintaining optimum hygiene standards. 

Aside from innovative toilets, American Standard is also introducing new shower installations that protect against accidental burns from an unexpected burst of hot water and ensure a constant and comfortable temperature even when cold water is used elsewhere in the house. 

Visit to know more about American Standard’s new shower and toilet products and innovations. 

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