Betrayed by a ‘friend’ 

A high school classmate’s experience supports my warning that it is not just strangers you should be wary of. 

My friend, a retired judge, received a request from a retired official of the Commission on Audit (COA) to be her Facebook Friend. My classmate did not know the COA person personally but they had mutual friends. 

After a few days of exchanging messages, the new “friend” asked if she could add my classmate to her FB friends. My classmate was surprised. She assumed that since they had been “chatting”, they were already friends. 

The COA “retiree” spun a tale about how FB needed a code to formalize friendships on the social media site. The new friend asked for my classmate’s mobile phone number and said a code would be sent to my classmate’s number that she should send back to her new friend. 

When the code arrived, my classmate sent it to her friend. She thought because of recent cases of online scams, FB might really have changed its policy. 

The next day, the FB friend managed to get money from my classmate’s neighbor’s GCash account using the judge’s number. She suspected other people were victimized, including the real COA retired official. 

New Year promos 

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