Artablado Presents “Pamukaw” at Robinsons Place Antipolo

In times of uncertainty, humanity has always turned to the arts to make sense of the changes happening in the world. It is up to artists to create, to bring forth something that will wake peoples’ senses and ask what can be done better to progress society.

Sining Tanay, a group of artists from a humble town in the province of Rizal, understands this very well and in their upcoming group exhibition at Robinsons Place Antipolo is proof of this.

Titled “Pamukaw”, Sining Tanay’s artists showcase some of their best works as a call to people to be excited by art and find something to be hopeful in the many different images each artist presents.

Surrounded by a rich natural environment, the creativity in Tanay is abundant, so much so that many consider it as a whimsical haven for artisans. 

According to Jun Tiongco, President of Sining Tanay, the group dearly expects its viewers and guests to be enthused and amazed with what their individual artworks wish to convey. Tiongco paints impressionist renditions of tranquil and still life arrangements that are captured in subdued hues of watercolor, pastel and oil.

“In Tanay, where we’re blessed with the wonders of nature and fruitful harvests, it is natural that our subjects deals with still life, flora and fauna, and everything that bounds our humble town as well as its people and the culture,” Tiongco says.

He is joined by seven other artists including William Alcantara, Mhar Baes,  Addie SyCip Cukingan, Winslomer delos Santos, Roger Fulgado, Roland delos Santos, and Belo Pasa.

The artists participating in “Pamukaw” are all very capable artists whose still life works make viewers see the beauty of the most ordinary things may it be fruits or a flower vase on top of a small table, seagulls in flight, a school of fish underwater, or even the ingredients that make a good paksiw. Each work reminds viewers that the simplest things are capable of bringing joy to one’s heart. 

The essence of the art exhibit is to showcase the creativity of the individual who wishes to express a certain feeling on the subject matter s/he chooses to focus on thereby generating a feeling or mood from its viewers. 

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