ARTablado presents ‘Identity’

Fish Vendors by Khristina Manansala

For artists, identity is the quintessence of existence: they create art to essentially create themselves.

A group of talented artists is mounting an exhibition billed as “Identity,” which is on view from Aug. 1 to 15 at the Robinsons Land ARTablado in Level 3 of Robinsons Galleria. For the members, each brushstroke, color, form, shape, composition or style is a component of self-definition. “Whether the public agrees or not,” according to their exhibition statement, “a work that reveals the artist’s identity is still art in its purest form.” To achieve this, the artists do not feel bound to adhere to certain market trends or forces; creativity is king. This is consistent with ARTablado’s “Boundless” theme for 2022: art is limitless, regards no boundaries.

Ethel Dimacuha defines her identity by juxtaposing subjects in terms of positive and negative spaces rendered in spontaneous, carefree gestures.

Anne Margaret Villanueva paints women and botanical elements in vibrant colors and patterns. 

Camille Dela Rosa veered away from impressionist garden paintings to bravely explore the surreal, the morbid, the mechanical and the unknown — her works dominated by symbolic leitmotifs. 

Erbil Escano Jr. is fascinated by the interplay of shapes, colors and forms. He finishes each painting with thick black lines to add a stained glass, cubist feel to each work.

Giovanni Dela Rosa has explored realist, surrealist, abstract as well as whimsical art. His goal is to reach “the sea of perfection as an artist and as a person.”

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