40th Solo Show of Romy Gutierrez at Robinsons Antipolo

Having 40 one-man shows is no small feat. To continuously create works that excite both the artist and the audience requires a lot of patience, determination, and imagination.

Clearly, Romeo Gutierrez has all of that and probably more. He is an Outstanding University of Santo Tomas Atelier Alumni (2016), Bakusi Foundation Outstanding Art Educator (2016), and one of the NCCA’s Ten Outstanding Visual Artist of the Philippines (1994).

He is also a former professor at the Fine Arts Department of the College of Holy Spirit and former board director and vice president of Art Association of the Philippines and is currently the vice-president of the UST Alumni Association. He has also been featured in international art books such as the 3 rd (1987), 5 th (1991), and 6 th (1993) “International Graphic Arts Biennial” and “Who’s Who in the International Art” (1994).

In all his years as an artist, Gutierrez has learned that it is not easy to be one.
“It is so expensive to put up a show… we have to keep exhibiting whether it sells or not,” he says.

For his 40 th solo exhibition, “Themes and Variations”, Gutierrez’s venue of choice is the ARTablado at the Upper Ground Floor, North Wing of Robinsons Antipolo.

“I chose ARTablado as a venue because of the way they promote the artist, the representation, and the venue, are truly very classy,” Gutierrez says.

On display are some of his more recent works that continue to explore themes of mother & child, family, and landscapes in his signature “figurative abstraction” style.

Here, he melds together cubism, abstraction, and representation in seamless fashion. The resulting pieces are visually pleasing with their textured stained-glass appearance ripe with bright and happy colors.

“For you to be known, you have to have your own identity and style,” Gutierrez says. “I am a nobody then but I tried my best to be successful in my chosen profession.

In a May 15, 1995 article published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, National Artist for Visual Arts J. Elizalde Navarro was quoted saying, “When you see a Gutierrez piece next time, linger and look at it from different angles, you will see that the straited areas assume a new color every time you move.”

“Themes and Variations” will be on display until January 2, 2023. Robinsons ARTablado continues to support Filipino art by providing a second home for artists where they can showcase their creativity and artistic genius.

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